Acetone Peroxide Detonators


Acetone peroxide is a primary explosive that can be made from hair bleach (hydrogen peroxide), acetone, and sulfuric acid. This explosive is to be used in the fabrication of detonators.


Hydrogen Peroxide, Hair bleach (15-25volume content) Drug stores and hair supply stores

Acetone, Hardware stores, Drug stores

Sulfuric acid, Clear battery acid boiled until white fumes appear.

Eye dropper or syringe with glass tube

Graduated cylinder (cc or ml) or other measuring device

Thermometer ( 0 to 100 C.)

Glass containers

Large Pan

Ice and Salt


Paper towels


1. Measure 30 milliliters of acetone and 50 milliliters of hydogen peroxide into a glass container and mix thoroughly.

2. Cool the acetone/peroxide mixture by placing its container in a larger one containing a mixture of ice, salt, and water.

NOTE: Bacause of the lighter inner container being bouyant in the larger outer container, it is necessary to secure it so that it won't fall over into the ice, salt, and water mixture.

3. Cool the acetone/peroxide mixture to 5 degrees C.

4. Add 2.5 milliliters of concentrated sulfuric acid to the acetone/peroxide mixture slowly, drop by drop, with the use of an eye dropper. Stir the mixture during the addition of the sulfuric acid with a thermometer, keeping the temperature between 5-10 degrees C. Should the temperature rise abouve 10 degrees C., stop adding the sulfuric acid and continue stirring until the temperature drops again to 5 degrees C., then continue adding the sulfuric acid.

5. After all the sulfuric acid has been added, continue stirring the mixture for another five minutes.

6. Let the acetone/peroxide/sulfuric acid mixture stand in the ice/water/salt bath or remover the inner container and place it in an ice box for 12 to 24 hours.

7. After 12 hours white crystals of acetone peroxide will precipitate out of the once clear solution. Precipitation should be completed after 24 hours.

CAUTION: At this point the mixture is a primary explosive. Keep away from shock, friction, and flame.

8. Filter the mixture through a paper towel into a container to collect the solid particles.

9. Wash the solid particles collected in the paper towel with small amounts of ice cold water poured over them. Discard the liquid in the container.

10. Place these explosive crystals in a container and allow to dry.

CAUTION: Handle the dry explosive with great care. Do not scrape or handle it roughly. Keep away from sparks or open flame. Store in a cool, dark, dry place.


Acetone peroxide is a powerful initiator and can be used by itself as the main filler when making homemade detonaters. Using 2 1/2" lengths of brass or copper tubing with one end sealed shut with either solder or epoxy resin, begin partially filling the tube with acetone peroxide and compressing with a loading press. Continue this process untill the explosive is within 1/2" of the top. Stopper the open end tightly with a cork or wood stopper. When ready to use, remove stopper and insert time fuse. Seal around fuse and tube, then insert into main charge to a depth of 2". These caps will detonate most explosives.

NOTE: These detonators should be used within 7 days of their manufacture and should be stored in a cool, dry place.

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Shiningpath said...

These instructions leave out a lot of critical safety details. By the manner in which this procedure is presented, either you have never actually made acetone peroxide, you did and got very lucky, or you are trying to kill or maim someone!

I hope its not the latter of the three. :)

At a minumum you should at least describe the "compress with a loading press" instruction by including the necessary safety equipment, pressure, etc. Trying to compress Acetone Peroxide crystals with a loading press sounds like an extremely hazardous procedure.

Explosive formulas abound on the internet and 99% are just copies of others, and extremely dangerous. I have extensive experience with "field expedient munitions" and this sort of teenage prank carelessness will get you killed or burn your house/garage down.

I am enjoying your blog however.

Shiningpath said...

Oh yes - one more little detail . . .I just noticed you recommend packing the HMTD into a copper tube. Contact with copper or brass causes rapid oxidation and the crystals get super sensitive. My guess is that it will then explode in your hand, or the moment you try to compress the charge. Definite no no.

aperson444 said...

Terribly made instructions. NEVER pack TATP into metal. This increases sensitivity. Pack into a cardboard tube very gently, then put the cardboard tube into the copper pipe. There is no need for maximum density, as this is deathly dangerous. Just pack gently right before detonation. Detonate with flame for a confined charge. Use a slow fuse, because metal shrapnel is quite irritating to have embedded deep inside of your thigh.

Kevin D. said...

agreed, terrible directions. and for the record i have successfully made AP several times, so i'm not speaking without experience. i have found that basic toilet bowl cleaner (approximately 33% hydrochloric acid) is much safer than sulferic acid, and works just as well. also, i have personally tested this and there is much less if any risk with the mixture heating up when using hydrochloric acid. in other words, DONT USE SULFERIC ACID!! besides, toilet bowl cleaner is much cheaper and easier to get. i use The Works brand, and have been very successful.

continuing on, you have to be pretty much insane to use a loading press INTO a container made of ANY kind of metal, or any container of any kind for that matter. you will be much safer to press it into a cardboard or plastic firecracker tube and use a WOODEN dowel to compress, as wood will not react. you could use a plastic item to press it too, whichever you prefer.

another thing not mentioned, if you don't keep it under the 10 degrees celcius, it will form a different version of the explosive, and be extremely sensitive and very dangerous.

basically if you don't want to be safe, then you are a moron and this is not for you. try something safer for children and stick with burning matches or if you are really bold then do smoke bombs. this is not a kid's chemical, it is dangerous and you will hurt yourself if you aren't careful with it. be smart, and don't use this blog as your info source, consult an actual chemist for real directions.

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